what is the million?

The Million program encourages students to be excited about their own education and work hard in class.

It connects the things they like outside of school with things they learn in school.

And it all begins with something every kid wants: a free, limited edition, personal mobile device.

Some phones will automatically have minutes added to them, while others will need students to earn the minutes.

what comes with it?

When students enter the program, they get their very own free Million cell phone and information on how to use it.

Even better, they never have to pay for anything.

There are absolutely no phone bills and the Million arrives preloaded with free minutes.

how does it work?

The Million program understands that school can be tough, but also knows the importance students place on socializing and connecting with friends. So it rewards hard work inside school with free cell phones and minutes outside of school.

The phones will be released at random to two student groups.

One group will automatically receive minutes on a regular basis. The other group will be rewarded with more minutes when they read outside of school.

The students in the second group can choose books from an approved list and take quizzes about them on a school computer.

For every 20 points they earn by passing a quiz, they receive 200 minutes. These minutes are added to their phones every two weeks while school is in session.


Will unused minutes roll over after each two-week period?
Will students still earn minutes during vacation?
Can students or parents purchase additional minutes?
When a student runs out of Million minutes, what can s/he do with the device?
What happens if a student’s phone is lost, stolen or damaged?
Can an existing phone number be put on a Million phone?
Can a parent request that specific functions, like text messaging, be turned off for their child's phone?
What if parents are concerned about their child’s participation in the Million Program?
Can a parent decide to allow their child to participate after the program begins?
How can parents get involved?

participating schools

The following schools are currently participating in the fall 2010 Million program:

Adams Elementary
Oklahoma City OK
Capitol Hill Elementary
Oklahoma City OK
Columbus Elementary
Oklahoma City OK
Edgemere Elementary
Oklahoma City OK
Edwards Elementary
Oklahoma City OK
Hayes Elementary
Oklahoma City OK
Martin Luther King Elementary
Oklahoma City OK
Moon Academy
Oklahoma City OK
Thelma R. Parks Elementary
Oklahoma City OK
Wheeler Elementary
Oklahoma City OK
Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School
Oklahoma City OK
Oklahoma Centennial High School
Oklahoma City OK
Classen School of Advanced Studies Mid-High
Oklahoma City OK
Douglass Mid-High School
Oklahoma City OK
Jackson Middle School
Oklahoma City OK
Jefferson Middle School
Oklahoma City OK
John Marshall Mid-High School
Oklahoma City OK
Northeast Academy Mid-High
Oklahoma City OK
Rogers Middle School
Oklahoma City OK
Roosevelt Middle School
Oklahoma City OK
Taft Middle School
Oklahoma City OK
Webster Middle School
Oklahoma City OK

more schools

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get involved

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